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  1. Word Limit
    1. Long Articles: Above 6,000 words
    2. Short Articles- 4,000- 5,000 words
    3. Book Review- 1,000 words
    4. Case Comments- 1,000 words
  2. Abstract: The Article should also include an abstract of about 350 words, which has to precede the article.
  3. Authorship: Lexigentia is open only to academicians, law practitioners and research scholars. A maximum of two co- authors is permitted.
  4. Citation Style: Uniform Style of Citation should be adhered to. The mode of citation to be followed is available at
  5. Format of the Main Text & the Footnotes: Times New Roman font, in font size 12 is prescribed for all articles. Further, the footnotes shall be in font size 10 and in the Times New Roman font. A line spacing of 1.5 for the main text and 1.0 for the footnotes is to be followed. All articles are to be sent in either doc or docx format. Any submission in pdf form shall not be accepted.
  6. All articles being submitted are to be sent along with a duly filled Declaration, the format for which will be made available upon request. The duly filed Declaration has to be scanned and sent on the email address mentioned below.
  7. All abstracts and articles are to be mailed to
  8. For any further details or queries, a mail can be sent to

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