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Mode of Citation: SILC

Standard Indian Legal Citation is an effort by Indian lawyers and academicians to usher in uniformity in legal citation practices across India. Despite past efforts, the Indian legal community continues to use varying citation standards across the nation. Numerous law schools in India have few, if any, citation guidelines for research and many academic publications resort to the use of foreign citation guidelines. For some time now, academicians and students across India have felt the urgent need for a citation system that takes into account India’s rich legal traditions and history, its unique sources of legal information. This is our response.

We present to you a working draft of the SILC Manual. This draft represents the culmination of months of perseverance by the team at SILC to create an India-centric citation system that is easy to use and understand, and that caters to the broader Indian legal community. This working draft is being launched at national law schools and leading legal institutions across the nation. We hope to gain your valuable feedback as you start using this citation system, and hope to continue improving the system as time progresses.

SILC’s primary goals include:

  1. Providing a citation system that comprehensively covers Indian legal sources and material, not covered by foreign citation systems.
  2. Providing an easy to use and easy to access citation system that will always be free of cost to everyone.
  3.  III. Introducing uniformity in the citation practices of law journals and law schools across India, and by extension, increase connectivity and understanding between law schools and journals in the nation.

The SILC manual has been developed with the close guidance and support of some of India’s leading legal figures as well as international academics, many of whom are members of our advisory panel. We take this opportunity to thank them; this manual is a testimony to their inspiring support to this effort and invaluable guidance. We also apologize for any errors or omissions present in this manual. We hope to gather input on this working draft from as many members of the legal community as possible, and continuously improve SILC.

We see the launch of SILC as an inclusive movement of academicians, professionals, and students from across the nation who support the vision of a single citation norm for India. By using SILC, you are a part of this movement, supporting Indian legal innovation and unity. We hope that together we may bring to life the vision of an Indian legal community that is united through a unique and uniform citation system that we can call our own.