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Lloyd Law College is a learning-centric academic community committed to continued excellence in legal education. We create intellectually stimulating environment that develop learners through case studies and case analysis; hone their writing, argumentation, and counseling skills; and think broadly and critically about legal problem-solution.


The Law Commission of India is constituted to recommend legislative reforms with a view to clarify, consolidate and codify particular branches of law. The present Commission, the 21st Law Commission of India, which is headed by Hon'ble Dr. Justice B. S. Chauhan, is, inter alia, considering the criminal justice reform in the country, of which Freedom of Speech and Expression and Sedition forms a part.


The Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) fosters and promotes high standards of legal education in the Commonwealth. CLEA (Asia-India) regularly organizes conferences and seminars on law and development, human rights and research in law and legal education. Prof. (Dr.) S. Sivakumar is Member of Law Commission of India and Ex-Officio Member of CLEA (Asia-India).


LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA in association with LLOYD LAW COLLEGE and COMMONWEALTH   LEGAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (CLEA) ASIA-INDIA is organizing the prestigious CLEA REGIONAL CONFERENCE - 2016 on the topic 'Freedom of Speech and 

Expression' from 5th to 6th November, 2016 at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. Freedom of speech and expression like the rights to life and liberty is an ever expanding circle. This very expansion brings with it challenges and concerns. The object of the conference is to provide an excellent opportunity for sharing of every possible understanding, ideas and views relating to freedom of speech and expression: to receive wisdom from all possible source and fuse them into our administration of justice. The outcome of the both Conferences will be compiled and submitted to the Law Commission of India which may help the Commission in preparing the report on Sedition Law.



  1. Laws Affecting Speech and Expression
  2. Sedition
  3. Defamation
  4. Privacy, Individual Freedom and Media
  5. Right to Know v/s Right against Information
  6. Freedom of Expression in the Internet Age


  • Hon'ble Dr. Justice B. S. Chauhan

Chairman, Law Commission of India


  • Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ravi R. Tripathi

Member, Law Commission of India

  • (Dr.) N. R. Madhava Menon

Past President, CLEA & Director, National Judicial Academy

  • R Venkataramani

Former Member, Law Commission of India

  • A. Lakshminath

Vice Chancellor, Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Executive Member, CLEA (Asia-India)

  • Prof . (Dr. ) B. C. Nirmal

Vice Chancellor, NUSRL, Ranchi

Executive Member, CLEA (Asia-India)

  • Rakesh Munjal

Senior Advocate & Executive Chairman, SAARC Law

Executive Member, CLEA (Asia-India)

  • R. Santhanakrishna

Advocate & Vice President

Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA)


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