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Academic disciplines postulate scientific ways to solve a problem. We established various centers of study at Lloyd. The idea is focused study of academic discipline, initiating pragmatic actions and providing significant services to the society. These are functional in the hands of a group of specially educated, globally trained and veteran national and international faculties with a group of enthused and consistent learners of this law school. These centers cultivate scientific thinking in students to bring about ideas and activities in this direction.

Lloyd Law College came up with the idea of Centers of Study, after our faculty Ms. Chhaya Bhardwaj mooted the idea of Environmental Law Center(ELC) in Sept. 2016. Since then we have established three more centers of study. ELC was started with an idea to sensitize society about environment degradation and sustainable development. This center focuses on the environmental sensitization and development of the Greater Noida - NCR-Delhi. The international community, thus, has recognized ELC and its best practices to have a trans-boundary impact.