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The student dress should befit the institute that they represent and reflect the stature and the class of Lloyd. They shall not be permitted to wear revealing clothes. The following will be the dress code to be followed by the students:

1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday: White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black shoes.

2. Tuesday and Thursday: Casuals (non-revealing descent dress)

3. Saturday: BA.LL.B. - Sem. VII & IX, LL.B. - Sem. I - White Shirt, Black Trouser,Black shoes.

4. Sunday: Casuals (non-revealing descent dress)

5. All academic program days: White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black shoes.

  • At all times in the campus, SECOND BUTTON FROM TOP of your shirt / upper wear should remain tied, if it is not there in that clothing, you are advised not wear the same to the college.
  • Students are required to strictly observe the uniform dress code prescribed and carrying Identity cards is compulsory.
  • Students not adhering to above will not be allowed to attend classes & will forfeit the attendance for the classes missed.
  • For repeated violations after 3 warnings students will be suspended from attending classes for 3 days and the parents will be informed.


  • Each and every students is required to carry Identity cards all the time in the law school.
  • Showing Id-Cards on entry and exit at the college gate, and whenever asked by any college official is mandatory
  • Reporting to police station and be issued new id card in the usual course is duty of the subjective student.


a)   UGC (Minimum Standards of Instruction for the Grant of the First Degree through Formal Education) Regulations, 2003. See Rule 5.8 page 04 as sent earlier.

b)   BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA, Part – IV, Rules of Legal Education. See Rule 12 page 08 (attached & highlighted) as sent earlier.

c)    Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (CCS, University) Vide Letter: Committee Cell/ (Prof. Course)/ 3482, Dated: 29.11.2017. As sent earlier

d)   Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, Judgment dated: 16 Oct. 2014, kindly go through Para 24 page 29, Para 29 (f) page 34 as sent earlier

e)   Judicial view on shortage of attendance page 01 as sent earlier.

f)    Most Recent Mumbai High Court opinion on short attendance:

450 DU student not allowed to write exams due to short attendance:


h)   IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI Date of Decision:- 15.05.2018. W.P.(C) 5194/2018 & C.M.No.20147/2018 ANKITA MEENA v. UNIVERSITY OF DELHI as sent earlier.


  • Regular classes for LL.B. / BA.LL.B Semesters will begin as per schedule.
  • Attending classes regularly and all other academic callings are mandatory on each student.
  • Attendance as taken in each class daily is recorded and punched into the ERP that cannot be changed later.
  • 75% class attendance in regular classes is the minimum criteria for appearing in the University Examination failing which the College will not approve the examination form of the student to the university.
  • 100% attendance is expected from hostel and paying guest living students in greater Noida
  • No grounds shall be considered to deflate the rule of 75% attendance. The same is in compliance with the attendance rules and criterions of the University Grants Commission (the regulator of the Universities in India), Bar Council of India (the patron of professional legal education in India), Affiliated University i.e. Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (CCS, University) and by way of various judgments as delivered by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India
  • Students seeking internships and placements should have a minimum of 90% regular class attendance. Preference within this club shall be given to the students with higher attendance %age.
  • 75% attendance is the minimum criteria for availing any additional facility and each and every academic or non-academic endeavours promoted and sponsored by the college for the students
  • No concession in attendance is meant to take care of medical leave and leave on personal grounds including the festivals, injuries, ceremonies, pregnancies, demise of any persons.
  • No attendance will be granted for any illnesses, even the highest medical expert opinion will be rejected for granting excused attendance
  • Attendance of students in the Guest lectures, Workshops and Seminars is compulsory. Attendance so obtained shall be commuted to the Academy-web-portal
  • Students participating in the Moot, Seminar, Conferences, Debates, Academic visits etc. on the written permission of the college are entitled to the attendance for the whole duration of travel and program. Attendance for such duration shall be commuted after the competition by the written (e-mail) approval of the HoD only on the recommendation of the faculty in-charge.
  • Students missing classes while preparing for these events prior participation like moot preparation, are entitled to ‘Deemed / excused attendance’ only on written (email) prior permission before availing such exemption from classes. Attendance for such duration shall be commuted to the student attendance account after the competition by the written approval of the HoD only on the recommendation of the faculty in-charge (through e-mail).
  • 66% PHYSICAL ATTENDANCE IS THE MINIMUM CRITERION TO AVAIL THE DEEMED / EXCUSED ATTENDANCE due to participation in any academic or nonacademic callings. Any students who is participating in mooting, debates, conferences, organising programs inside or outside law school, extension activities, legal aid, internship, sports, social work etc. Without attaining 66% physical class attendance, one cannot make 75% or more of the attendance only and only through academic or non-academic programs or events or participations excluding in regular classes. Means in any case deemed / excused attendance cannot be more than 34% of the total classes held in any semester.
  • Students should be punctual in attendance and must be in his/her seat at the commencement of class / seminars and workshops
  • Students are expected to maintain the decorum in the institution and interact meaningfully with the faculty / resource person.





  • The students should be punctual in attendance and must be in his/her seat at the commencement of lectures before the time of the class mentioned above.
  • Take note, 9 am means 9 am, 10.20 means 10.20, 11.40 means 11.40, 1.20 means 1.20 stricto senso, even delay by 10 seconds means delay, now teacher in the class is the master of the roll during the class, his decision is final, whether permit entry in the class to the late comers or not, whether to give them attendance or not,
  • Take note BA.LL.B. – Sem. VII & IX, 9 am means 9 am, 10.45 means 10.45, 12.30 means 12.30, and 2.30 means 2.30 stricto senso, even delay by 10 seconds means delay, now teacher in the class is the master of the roll during the class, his decision is final, whether permit entry in the class to the late comers or not, whether to give them attendance or not,
  • Delay in arrival / entry by more than a minute in the class by any teacher or students in strictly prohibited as rules of this law school.
  • Once attendance is marked and over in the class, no further attendance will be marked unless teacher need to correct or change, late arrivals may be allowed or may not be allowed by the teacher, he is the master to decide as to give them full attendance or half or mark them ‘Late – L’.
  • ‘Late – L’ mark in the attendance register is not entitled for the attendance of this class, his attendance shall be marked ‘Absent’ in the register and the ‘Academy’. ‘Late – L’ arrivals when allowed to enter the class are only given their right to have education.
  • Late comers not allowed entry by the teacher does not have the right to education in this class because their late arrival is primarily violating the peaceful and consistent education right in the class of the teacher-educator and the educate.
  • Even 100 ‘Late – L’ counts will not fetch a single attendance. No attendance can be changed once entered the portal in any case without the written (e-mail) communication by the concerned teacher of that class.
  • Late entry to the 9 am class can never be sought as a right by any student, it is the sole discretion of the teacher in the class at that time, as he is the master of the class at that time.
  • Any form of ‘Indiscipline – I’ in the class shall be counted as misdemeanour and subject to punitive action. These may include all or connected to the following:
  • Consistently late coming to the class,
  • Seating at the back benches, when there is a space in the front rows,
  • Not attending on your roll calls, and later asking the teacher to mark the attendance,
  • Not answering to the questions of the teacher, attending classes without reading, or if assigned attending classes with reading,
  • Use of mobile in the class in any form, recording lectures without permission, taking photographs etc
  • Use of others stationary or belonging during the class,
  • Staring or seating laid or down or head down or with flexed hands or legs or any form of inappropriate bodily gesture in seating, walking in and going out, ingress and outgress during the lecture
  • Any form of inappropriate voice, speech, noise, alarm, hutting towards teacher or fellow students, officials and announcements
  • Using electric switches and boards inappropriately and charging points for gadget charging,
  • Any form of grouping and assembling with the wrong doers in and outside the class regarding anything happened in the class
  • Any form of indiscipline which the teacher feel offended / disturbed personally or academically
  • Each ‘Indiscipline – I’ shall be counted and mentioned by the teacher in the attendance register, three ‘Indiscipline – I’ counts shall suspend the student from the regular classes, now, your natural parents need to submit an ‘Undertaking’ on a Rs. 50/- court stamp paper to re-induct you in the regular class. During this recess of bar to re-induction no attendance of regular classes shall be commuted to your attendance account,
  • Fourth count of ‘Indiscipline – I’ shall not invite any punishment but seemed to be your last chance in the law college,
  • Fifth count of ‘Indiscipline – I’ marked by the teacher in the class shall be the final ‘Indiscipline – I’ of your career in this law college, now no ground shall be entertained in your defence from any one to continue in this college, no fee will be refunded, all dues shall be recovered even if it require filling a recovery case against you,
  • ‘Indiscipline – I’ of 05 (five only) total counts shall be taken into account from adding all regular classes of all teachers including guest lectures, workshops, academic visits, means all academic endeavours during this semester.


a)   We have informed all the students since beginning and by the commencement of this Semester during classes and through e-mails every week that 75% class attendance is mandatory for appearing in the CCS University End-Semester examination, for hostel resident’s 100% attendance is desired.

b)   Attendance of each student on each day will be available on the attendance portal as well as on the Class Notice Board each month.

c)   Attendance grievance will be entertained only within 48 hrs. of the time of marking / punching of the respective attendance in the attendance register / web-portal.

d)   Every student is expected and directed to share his / her User Id and Password with their Natural Parents / Lawful Guardians. In case they do not do so, college will take action against them in this respect.


  • Any changes affecting the students or class schedule will be communicated to the students via the Notice Boards or other modes of communication. It is important that the students keep themselves abreast of any changes of timetable details and other announcements.
  • It is the responsibility of students to update themselves with these communications made from time to time, irrespective of whether they are attending or not attending regular classes, whether their e-mails are correct or incorrect with the institution, as they have filled the requisite information in their ‘Academy’ account.


Any complaint post the process of following for the grievance may be lodged to the committee through e-mail to it;

  1. Dr. Kavitha Challakal - Head
  2. Prof. Sekhawat Hussain
  3. Prof. Manju Khilary
  4. Prof. Amit Srivastava
  5. Prof. Rupesh Singh
  6. Prof. Pankaj Singh


If anyone is aggrieved by the order of the Attendance Grievance Committee may lodge an appeal to the appellate committee through e-mail to it attaching the order;

  1. Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Khan
  2. Prof. Anil Thakur
  3. Prof. Nimesh Das Guru


  1. The aggrieved student would submit in writing his / her grievance to the course incahrge through e-mail,
  2. HoD will call the committee on routine basis once in every week on Saturday, the proceeding of the same shall be communicated to the concerned,
  3. The decision taken would be communicated to the student within 3 further working days.


As per law, the factual total attendance that each student will attain in each semester shall be mentioned semester wise in the 'ATTENDANCE CUM CHARACTER CERTIFICATE' of the student while passing out as a 'Mandatory Certificate' at the time of enrolment with the Bar Council of State. The same shall be communicated to the 'Committee Cell' of the CCS University, Meerut at the time of issue of your 'Provisional Certificates & Degrees'. Any one finds himself outside the bonafide criterion and at the wrong side of the law because of his own short of attendance cannot be compensated then, college shall not be made responsible for any lapses of the student. If you fudged the attendance data through duplicate or counterfeit documents this is a criminal offence, be ready to face the criminal trial to be lodged by the college. The same shall be communicated to the Bar Council of State and the Bar Council of India.


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