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PREAMBLE: Timely fee deposits enables us to focus greater academic orientation and better opportunities for your wards.

    Annual / Semester Fee deposit is primarily a primary responsibility of the parents / guardians. College do not want to involve students (a beneficiary) in this privy institution – guardian relationship. Because of continued reminders, we feel it needful to convey a formal ‘Fee Deposit Policy’ that should work as a guide to both drawer –and- the drawee. This policy is drafted and conveyed to you to work as a final proposition from our side in respect of Fee deposits of any student of this college studying in any year. Timely fee deposits enables us to focus on quality academics and better opportunities for your wards. Any suggestions in this regard from any natural parents or lawful parents of students studying in our college are always welcome.
  • It became needful, because majority of parents have responded positively and deposited the fees, but handful numbers are relaxing and unresponsive.
  • We do not want to impose, levy or charge penalty or fine, but, responsive and nonresponsive cannot be treated similarly, so it became imperative to take some penal steps to prevent delays rather than to collect the fine. Same is visible by the fee schedule attached herewith as we are not imposing penalty until this month, although, one month completed delay
  • Anyone fails to deposit the fee on time in any Semester, he factually failed to register him as a regular student of the college, so, their attendance will be marked but will not be commuted to their User-Id of the regular scheduled classes or other academic callings.
  • Attendance shall be counted from the date of deposit of Semester Fee, means, each day delay in fee deposit, you are losing 04 class attendance, whether you attended or not attended the class, it is immaterial.
  • Your attendance shall be counted on the scale of first day of commencement of Even Semester class to the last working day in any case. This is just a clarification of what has been communicated to you earlier
  • In case you default in depositing Semester Fee, college reserves all rights to take any appropriate lawful action against you as per UGC guidelines and CCS University Regulations
  • In a academic year, fee schedule shall be communicated semester wise only.


There is no financial penalties any more to be deposited to college for the late submission of fees. All fines, penalties and punishments are in the form of social and economic sanctions to the defaulters. This shall take form as follows

  1. Supply of Books to the Library of Luksar Jail, Kasna
  2. Free Legal Aid to an indigent person through DLSA
  3. School Fee contribution to indigent children,

BA.LL.B. - SEM. III, V, VII, IX l LL.B. - Sem. III, V


a. Cash: Cash fee deposit at the college accounts section on the designated days.

b. Online: online fee deposit is possible following the account details of the college.

c. Credit / Debit Card: swap machine available at the accounts department.

d. Demand Draft (DD): Demand Draft must be drawn in favor of "LLOYD LAW COLLEGE" payable at GREATER NOIDA. The student must mention his/her "Name & Registered Mobile No." at the back of the demand draft

a. Submission of DD at Counter: Demand Draft may be deposited directly at the college counter or College Account.

b. Submission of DD by Post: Demand Draft may also be posted to the college addressed to PLOT NO. 11, KNOWLEDGE PARK-II, GREATER NOIDA-201306, DELHI/NCR."

e. Cheque: Cheque must be drawn in favor of "LLOYD LAW COLLEGE" and deposited at the college counter or College Account. The candidate must mention his/her "Name & Registered Mobile No." at the back of the cheque. The candidate shall obtain receipt of payment of fees upon realization of the cheque in the account.

f. RTGS/NEFT: Fees may be deposited in favor of "LLOYD LAW COLLEGE" through RTGS/NEFT at its "Punjab National Bank Account at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi bearing Account Number: 3976002100005500 and IFSC Code: PUNB0397600."

g. IMPORTANT NOTE: After payment through Online/RTGS/NEFT, the student is required to email the receipt of the transaction with transaction reference number and his/her Name, Year of Study, Course and Roll Number to and the student shall obtain confirmation receipt for fee payment after 5 days from the College counter. FOR ASSISTANCE IN FEE PAYMENT PLZ. CALL: 9821891832


  • Any student(s) going to BA.LL.B. - Sem. III, V, VIII, IX or LL.B. - Sem. III, V of study and have not yet deposited her/his pending dues of the last Semester(s) in any case, must have to deposit all the outstanding fee first
  • Students subscribed book bank facility in any of the last two semesters, if not yet returned the book bank books, have to deposit the MRP of all the subscribed books along-with this fee due.

You have to fill the payment details and scan copy of the 'College Fee Receipt' in your college User-Id at


Library Book Bank and Takeaway facilities are introduced for all the students of BA.LL.B Program from Semester I to Semester X during the student life in the law college. Students are mandated to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Library facilities of all kinds in letter and spirit. The issue of Book Bank of the ongoing Even Semester shall be communicated to all the students through E-mail as per following rules. Students may find attached the list of books that shall be supplied to them in the TakeAway and Book-Bank facility.

1. Students will get one set of FIVE Text Books as Book Bank (for return after end semester examinations) and a Takeaway Book (not for return) at the beginning of the semester.

2. All the students must return the entire set of Book Bank Books issued to them within three days of completion of their respective End Semester University Examination. Schedule will be also given to each Batch of students before the End Semester Examinations

3. Student having Book Bank books lost / damaged / disfigured etc. in any manner, he/she shall replace the volume(s) with new book (or pay the current cost of the book plus fine, as applicable.

4. At the time of issue, Book Bank books should be checked by the student for missing pages or damage before issue. The users will be held responsible for any damage / missing pages, later found, and Rule 02 above shall be applicable.

5. Book Bank Facility is in addition to the regular library issue of books on your library cards.

6. The Book Bank Books shall be issued only to the students WHO HAVE PAID THEIR BACK LOG AND CURRENT SEMESTER FEE.

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