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Convener, Admission Cell
Assistant Professor
Education :
LL.B, B.A(Hons),B.Ed, M.A, HTET,CTET,NET Qualified, LLM, Ph.D
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Mr. Krishna research focuses on Electronic Governance and its application in Good governance. He has extensively taught in several academic institutions as Ad Hoc faculty and Guest Lecturer including Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board, University of Delhi, and Department of Social Sciences,Univrsity of Delhi.

He is firm believer of interactive teaching style has number of innovations in informal teaching and learning.

He has played an important role in revising course curriculum of several private universities including Jaipur national university and Raffles University, Neemrana, Rajasthan.

Social Science


Human Rights

  • Research paper Published in Proceedings of National Seminar on “25 Years of Economic Reforms Issues, Challenges and Solutions” in collaboration with Ministry of MSME, Government of India, Technology Development Centre,PPDC,entitled “Skill development and Global Human resource management in Post liberalised India “
  • Research paper published in International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research ,ISSN 2348-3156 (Print) ISSN 2348-3164 (online) entitled “ Environmental Discourses in Vedic Period” Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp: (683-687), Month: January - March 2016,
  • Research Paper Published in International journal Titled” Balance between “Growth” and “Inclusion”: ‘Inclusive Growth ‘in Era of Liberalisation”, Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) Vol-2, Issue-5, 2016 ISSN: 2454-1362, IRJIF IMPACT FACTOR: 2.88
  • Research Paper Published entitled Balance between “Growth” and “Inclusion”: ‘Inclusive Growth’ in Post liberalised India. In North Asian International Research Journal Consortium, ISSN 2454-9827, Volume-2,Issue-4,2016.
  • Article published in International referred journal “DRASTA” published from Rohtak on “Reservation policy in India”
  • Article published in CPJ-LAW journal volume –III July 2013, ISSN-0976-3562 “Reservation policy necessity of correction”.
  • Article published in CPJ Global Review International Journal Volume VI July 2014, ISSN-0975-1874 titled “Civil Society since Independence”
  • Research paper published entitled” Restructuring Governance: An Application of New Public Management”(UNDER PROCESS)
  • Research paper published in Inroads, An International Journal of Jaipur National University titled:” Political, Economic and ethical vision of Sukracharya in Sukraniti” Vol. 05, Jan-Dec, 2016. (ISSN: 2277-4904)

 Participated in Professional development Workshop on “New ways of teaching and Research for better delivery of Legal Services” organised at Lloyd Law college,Greater Noida on 7 th September-10-10 Sep 2017,Chaired by N. R Madhwa Menon,in association with Society of Law firms and Bar Council of India.

Paper presented at International seminar at Panjabi University (Patiala) on structural changes in South Asia.

Paper presented at National Seminar held at Geeta Institute School of Law (Affiliated to Kurukshetra University) on “Right to Information, Humble Beginning in India”.

Paper presented at National Seminar held at MDU,Rohtak on “women empowerment”

Paper presented at DDM College, University of Tripura at National Seminar on the topic “Civilizational Change through Human Development”.

Paper presented at Shamsher Bahadur Saxena College of law (affiliated to MDU Rohtak) on “Civil Society Organization and Women Empowerment.”

Paper presented in International Seminar on Emerging Challenges in International Law on “An Overview on International Rule of Law” at ITM University.

Paper presented at Dr. Ambedkar MDU Rohtak on “Reservation Policy: Evaluation since independence”.

Participated in National Seminar on “Uncovering The Black Money: Limits of Law” chaired by senior Advocate Mr Ram Jethmalani held at seedling school of Law and Governance,Jaipur National University,Jaipur

Participated in the National Seminar on “Welfare of Lawyers” organised by Bar Council Of Delhi Inaugurated by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, President of India at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Certificate of Appreciation from Bar Council of Delhi for rendering services in organising the mega event on 4 th May 22013 at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

Participated in Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on the topic “IPR in India”. Lecture delivered by Proff (Dr) Ashwini Kumar Banshal Head of Department, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

Participated in National Workshop on “Research Methodology “organised by CPJ college on 29 th -30 th October 2013 at Narela ,New Delhi

Organised Seminar on the topic “Judicial Activism encroaching Parliamentary Sovereignty” at Chandra Prabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law.

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