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Legal education is a professional education which is to prepare a student for all possible avenues of profession, vocation and services. State Judicial Services is one of the most primary aspirations of every law student across the world. Career judiciary is one of the first dreams of the law graduates. To cater to this requirement, Lloyd Law College has introduced its own LLOYD - JUDICIAL SERVICE PREPARATION CENTER (LJSPC) since 2017 for materializing the dreams its students in better way

This cell will focus only for All India (states) Judicial Services Examinations Preparation. The purpose of this cell is to give proper guidance and platform to the students who want to make career in judiciary. This cell will guide students for the preparation of Judicial services. Classes will be interactive and guiding. In this Centre, we are working with the team which is highly professional, ambitious, cooperative, and supportive and is always ready to guide students in the most productive manner. It will not be a chance but a golden opportunity for the students who want to provide their services to judicial system of India, provided students are ready to co-operate with our centre to achieve the goals as desired


  1. Maximum intake for this course would be 60
  2. Course duration would be 8 ½ months
  3. There would be 40 lectures of 2 hours duration for each subject
  4. Weekly MCQs test series.
  5. Essay type answer writing practice for Mains exams
  6. Study material and separate library facility for the students of this course.
  7. Following persons have cleared the judicial exams who have been part of this institution

    So far this cell is having 60 students enrolled with this cell who are receiving free training for the preparation of judicial services. Many students have qualified prelims and they are ready to crack future stages of exams that are conducted in 2018

    Faculty Members of LJSPC