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Being a Girl or A woman

10 ,June 2019

The date, 8th of March, has been highlighted as INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, the day which is celebrated all over the world, but only of one day, or a week. A day full of celebrations and honouring the braves, attending functions, but what about the rest of the days, where women still have to fight for themselves, stand up against the world.

What I wanted to do was just to express my views on women’s day as an ordinary 19 yr old girl, how I support it and how I criticize it. Talking about Women’s Day can be considered as a hot topic as it recently passed. From what I experienced is that from the day women’s day week starts, even the little bit of feminism that exists in a person comes out in full force. People start to show their respect and support towards women. And now, during the socially overactive era, the most common or the only way to express ourselves is through social media posts. Posts related to women rights, supporting women with the trending hashtag – “#iamawoma” or “#proudtobeawoman”, which are mostly limited to the cell phone screens. It's not that the posts are just about supporting women, but also criticizes about how we are only showing our maximum support to women on women’s day. I guess that's the irony, that on women’s day, people are criticizing each other that we support women only on women’s day.

 What everyone needs to understand is that we don’t need special rights or special treatment, all we need is EQUAL rights and EQUAL treatment. When I say “all we need is EQUAL rights and EQUAL treatment” I mean that it’s not the duty of men to respect and empower women, but to see them as equal and women should not also search for validation from men. It is not always HER against THE WORLD; sometimes it is US against OURSELVES .

And therefore for me being at Lloyd Law College has been a great experience as at Lloyd Law College the importance of being a girl or a woman has always been recognized and can be seen through the different arena where women are leading the way be it research, moots, debate or academics. The team representing Lloyd Law College at the Concours Jean-Pictet Competition - 2019" at Paris, France was an all girls similarly the team that represented Lloyd Law College at XV Law Centre I Delhi University Moot Court Competition 2019 was an all girls team which also won the Best Memorial Award and the Best Researcher Award. Also at the CLEA Mooting (India Round) Competition 2019 it was girls who led the charge for Lloyd Law College,Top llb colleges in noida and won the Best memorial.

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