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Cruelty towards Animals in India

30 ,July 2019

All the living things have right to live on the earth, but sometimes we become cruel towards animals. We have to understand that Animals can't speak but they too have life. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that “The greatness of the nation is judged by the way it treats it's animal". Animal cruelty means when someone hurt animals, causes unnecessary pain or does not take care is called animal cruelty. In India cruelty and inhumanity towards animals are increasing day by day. In Mumbai there was a case in which four man gang raped a dog. We are living in a country where not only women's but animal are also not safe. Animals are used for scientific research in the field of medical, cosmetic industry etc. Hunting animals is another serious problems due to which many endangered species are exhausted . People are becoming greedy and killing them for their selfish purpose.

Animal organization PETA which work for animal’s welfare. This organization was launched in 2000, Mumbai. The main motive of this organization is that animals are not for experiments or abuse. There are various other laws initiated by central government and the main law concerning preservation of animal cruelty is "Preservation of cruelty to Animal Act 1960" and "wildlife Protection Act 1972". The Preservation of cruelty Act 1960 was established by the central government to promote animal welfare and to protect animal from unnecessary pain and suffering. Under this act police have all the power to arrest an offender who is involved in illegal activities or even in cruelty against Animals. The wildlife Protection Act 1972 is established for the protection of animals, plants and species. Section 51 of this Act talks about punishment. Any person who is guilty of offence against this act shall be punished and imprisoned for 3 year and fine which extends to twenty five thousands. According to survey of state Uniform crime Reporting Programs, out of 28 states 18 states reported that they have received information of animal cruelty offence. There are some important steps taken by Government of India to stop animal cruelty:-

  • In 2013 Indian ministry of environment and forest ban captive dolphin show. Dolphins were captured and used for entertainment across the country.
  • on 13 Nov 2004, India was the first South Asian country to put ban on the import of animal tested beauty products.
  • A leading Indian airline commits to protect shark populations and marine ecosystem. Every year thousands of sharks are killed to meet the demand for shark fin soups. After removing fins sharks are thrown back in the sea to die.
  • on 14 Nov 2014, Ministry of Home Affairs orders to stop illegal movement of animal to Nepal. According to Indian government during Gadhimai festival where over 500,000 animals mostly originated from India were to be sacrificed in Nepal.

In my opinion we as a individual should understand that animals too have life. We should make society aware about animals rights and make them understand that they too suffer pain like us.
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shalini yadav
BA.LLB 3 year