India is a diverse country. We have different cultures and different societies in different parts of the country. Likewise diseases in the country have different names and procedures to cure. There is no proper conduct for awareness. People blindly follow the procedures of the society whether they have total knowledge of that thing or not. These might increase the disease to another level but society does not take this as its own responsibility. And people follow the norms of society in every way either it is their lifestyle and health. There is need to tell the proper meaning of health to the people. Health is a state of being free from all kinds of diseases ( physically, mentally or socially) either it is short time period and long time period. Health is a something that not only affects the people of the country but also affects the development of the nation. Nowadays educational institutions started the initiative of spreading health awareness among the people. India still has some major issues that many countries have minimized far more successfully. Other major causes are uncleanliness, contaminated water which people are using for the drinking and other household purposes, and food contamination. The common people have to suffer a lot because of this mismanagement. Major health issues are:- Malnutrition, HIV AIDS, Poor sanitation. Educational institutions started spreading health awareness among the people. They go in different areas all over the country and spread awareness through the:-
Campaigns:- Educating people about the diseases and methods to avoid them are very much necessary:
Rallies:- A large public meetings, especially held for a particular aim in villages and tribal communities. Hoardings and posters can also be used:
Making short movies and audios:- People learn through fun and entertainment. It is easy for them to understand and grasp the concept. Influential people can appeal to people with their movies. A great move was taken by Akshay Kumar with his movie ‘Padman’ and ‘Toilet’. Short documentaries and audio books can also be initiated:
Plays:- With a less budget, small plays known as nukkad natak are organized in places where there is a need for awareness. Plays with a message can reach people more easily:
By educating them:- The students and young generation people are more aware of the disease and consequences than remote area peoples. A suggestion can be made if these students go to the schools and educate them:
Basic hygiene:- People are very careless nowadays towards their health. Our human body provides places- skin and other openings, for parasites to grow. They multiply themselves and cause diseases. So people have to take care themselves. And normally people ignore:
Drinking water:- There are many diseases which are caused by drinking contaminated water. So people have to check either they are drinking clean water or not: Beware of food
contamination:- Nowadays people prefer eating street foods because they think that they are better in taste but these kind of food are contaminated food because they are kept in open, many flies came and sit on these food and dust is also there and person who is selling don’t wash his hands properly and regularly so this leads to many diseases:
Cleanliness of ourselves:- This is responsibility of people that they stay clean by bathing, washing hands, wearing clean clothes, cutting their nails and etc.

Similarly the Drama Club at Lloyd Law College has endeavoured to provide social commentary through its various plays and nukkad nataks and other modalities. Lloyd Law College, Top law college, Drama nurtures the creativity of the Students while also giving voice to the voiceless through their thought provoking projects of the verbal and non-verbal variety.