Writing articles worthy of publication is difficult and time consuming. Going through the grind of writing a scholarly article at an undergraduate level may make students wonder if they are competent to do so, and whether the end result is worth all the hard work and that extra time spent which could have been otherwise used for scoring better. However, the process involves a preparatory stagewhich includes deciding a topic for writing an article, researching for the content, analysing the related provisions of law, precedents, other scholarly publications, both domestic and international, and an interaction with Faculty for direction and their suggestions. After this, presenting the context, content and one’s view point in words meaningfully, logically and effectively in one’s own words with originality in an appropriate manner is a challenge. Getting this published in a reputed journal involving an independent scrutiny of quality by persons of repute would not only require quality of presentation but also compliance with the format specified by the journal.

The process of researching, writing, editing and publishing an article for the first time will provide valuable insights about one’s ability and comfort in going through various steps and identifying strong points and areas that need improvement. Publication helps the students in deeper understanding and perspective about the topic of publication, critical thinking, research and writing skills which are very useful for a career as lawyers or in legal education and research. It helps students to connect with Faculty Members and other researchers providing new opportunities for interaction, collaboration and future study. Publishing papers,in addition to achieving an all-round development, will also enhance the value of the student in a competitive environment by boosting the resume thereby opening up career paths. Lloyd Law School, best law college in Noida, encourages law undergraduates to publish research articles in reputed journals and also publishes a student’s law journal “Lloydians”.