Indian Judicial System - Delay In Justice

By - Rajat Joshi (LLB 2nd Sem.)

The major population of Indian people being poor when comes to court for justice without having any knowledge how the things happens in court they pay advocates with their hard earning money and wait for months or year for getting justice. Sometimes the person seeking justice pass away without getting any justice which leads to losing faith in Judiciary. There are lot of pendency of cases in different courts across the country and the first reason for the delay is less number of judges in courts. As in a daily basis judge has to look different cases and the time which he give to each case is less than 5 to 10 minutes due to pendency of cases in huge numbers. Number of times advocates also delay the case to earn some extra money from their clients or if they haven't prepare well for the case or due to lack of valid proof the judge will keep putting the future date for the case until he is not satisfied by the evidence given to him by the lawyer. Sometimes unavailability of judge due to illness or some other reasons like official holiday the pendency of the cases also gets increase. In district court it is usually seen that due to strike by the advocates on a regular bases the time to decide a particular matter gets postpone and there is another reason that is cause of delay due to lengthy investigation process as all the witnesses has to be examined during the process of the trial. Sometime due to the false litigation filed by the client just to harass some person is also the cause of increase in number of cases in court of law.
According to my option there has to be some time limit to be followed as per the nature of cases by which a particular type of case must be solved and accordingly the judges can work as per time limit so that speedy trial of cases can take place. Also there must be proper check and balance of the cases in an electronic way show that it can be convenient for the judges to see in which case what progress has happened show that they can dispose off the case on a reasonable time.

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