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LIHEAC Knowledge is an unending process though education has time period to follow. Higher education in the first world countries and global north has been a passion of Indian students since centuries. This passion has turned fashion and fusion for many academic aspirants, global profession and market seekers. We admire such academic endeavors to the core.

The higher legal education in India is somehow struggling in comparison to its counterparts around the world. We, at Lloyd, understand that Indian Legal Educational System many a times lacks the tendency of catering to the needs and ambitions of students. The students in India have tremendous potential and ability to unleash this potential in the coming years.

There is an adage that “Law is a jealous mistress” and there is no room in it for the lazy and mediocre. In a letter to his son Eduard, Albert Einstein gave this advice: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” The great physicist’s advice is wise and practical. Lloyd Law College is a learning-centric academic community committed to excellent legal education. We create intellectually stimulating environment that helps students develop through case studies and case analysis; hone their writing, argumentation, and counseling skills; and think broadly and critically about legal problem-solution. We work to keep these programs at the vanguard of legal education. We take efforts to provide an individualized support approach to each students' academic and specific needs and concerns.

Lloyd is establishing an ‘International Higher Education Assistance Center’ that shall provide guidance, assistance and support to the students to secure admissions and scholarships in reputed universities and colleges around the world.

There are many important questions and challenges that one often comes across while taking the decision of studying abroad. The questions are numerous, but the answers are few, like;

  1. A student should be attentive in the class and actively participate in class.
  2. Which LL.M. is the hot pursuit - market centric,
  3. What suits my health, social background, academic orientation and expenses – suitability perspective,
  4. Interests and areas of specialization,
  5. This Center proposes to cater to all the intellectual inputs, supervisory assistance and selective requirements of the interested students and at the same time getting them acquainted with different cultures around the world.

    The Center would conduct diagnosis clinics and orientation workshops on different aspects of the entire process such as;

    • Preparing Statement of Purpose
    • Cover Letters
    • Personal Statements
    • Unauthorized recording of lectures and taking photos during lectures, academic programs and non-academic events;
    • Finding and applying right scholarships
    • Letters of recommendations
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