Ms. Alpana Verma

Ms. Alpana Verma


B.Sc. (University of Delhi), M.A. (Indian History, University of Delhi), M.Phil (Chinese Studies, University of Delhi), Ph.D. (Chinese Studies, University of Delhi)


ALPANA VERMA is an Asst. Professor at LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. AlpanaVerma is an active alumnus of the Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. She has completed her B.Sc in Applied Sciences from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. She pursued her M.A. in Indian History. She completed her M. Phil and PhD in Chinese Studies from the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi. Her area of research focuses on the New Media. The title of her PhD thesis is, The Internet in China: Online Expression and Its Political and Social Consequences.” She has been one of the first candidates for doing a research on this field in India. She has extensively travelled to China for her research work and presented papers at different national and International Universities. She has an expertise in Mandarin Language. She has done a Diploma in Cyber Law from the Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune.  She believes that education is the most important tool to survive in today’s dynamic world. She has immaculate managerial skills and has actively organized National and International Conferences. Apart from her dedication for academics, she writes poetry and has published her poems in anthologies published in India and the United Kingdom. She puts in all her efforts in imparting quality education to her pupils. She has been associated with the academia for long.


Ms. Alpana Verma strives to put in her efforts in inculcating and imparting meaningful education to her students. She believes that knowledge lies beyond the margins of pen and paper and it has more to do with practical applicability of one’s own understandings. She works assiduously for the Institution, and puts in her conscientious efforts for the betterment of the College and the students. She believes that education is for one and all and through her noble profession as a teacher, she strives for the same.


  • She has been associated with LLOYD LAW COLLEGE.
  • She has worked for The Institute of Chinese Studies, Civil Lines, Delhi, as a Research Assistant.
  • She has been actively involved with many teaching online forums like, WeTutor.
  • She has been associated with the academia for more than a decade.

Books, Publications & Presentations

  • September 2011: ‘The Internet in China: An Emerging Society’, Paper presented at a Conference ‘Inside China: Understanding Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Problems’ by Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, in collaboration with India International Center, New Delhi.
  • April 2012: ‘Internet Revolution in China: Implications for State and Society’, ICS Wednesday Seminar, Delhi
  • Research Report, ‘The Internet in China: An Emerging Society’, in the book, “Inside China: New Leadership, Social Changes and Economic Challenges”, published by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, 2013.
  • Published a report ‘Weibo: An Alternative to Facebook in China’, on the online section of Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, Delhi, 2013 ( expression-on-weibo-an-alternate-to-facebook-twitter-3467.html)
  • Published a book review, Baohui Xie, ‘Media Transparency in China: Rethinking Rhetoric and Reality’, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2014, in China Report, 51, 4 (2015).
  • December 2015: “The Cyber-Strategy of China”, Paper presented at China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.
  • May 2016: “China: A Flourishing Tourist Hub”, Paper presented at Dunhuang Academy, Dunhuang, People’s Republic of China
  • “BRICS Economies: Cyberspace High on Agenda”, September 5, 2017 (
  • “Digital India: A Step in the Present with Eyes on the Future”, CHINA-INDIA DIALOGUE, Vol. 11, No.6, Nov-Dec 2017.
  • Research Paper, “E-commerce in China: The Future is Here”, in International Journal, Shrinkhla Ek Shodhaparak Vaicharik Patrika, February, 2019 (Vol. 6, Issue 6).

Awards & Honours

  • 2021: Awarded Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, Ministry Of Education, Taiwan, Republic of China.
  • 2016: Member of China Educational Trip, Organized by the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in India, New Delhi.
  • December 2015: Member of the India Think Tank Delegation, China Foreign Affairs University, People’s Republic of China.
  • June 2013: John Hopkins Center for American Studies, Summer School Programme, Nanjing University, People’s Republic of China.