Rights’ Sensitisation:
An Analysis of Rights’ Awareness of School Children in Delhi NCR

The question of the safety and security of school children in India has been at the forefront of the minds of guardians and educational personnel alike. While children form the greatest asset of a nation, their lack of awareness about their rights, resources and safety measures make them an easy target for emotional and physical abuse, leading to the perpetuation of toxic gender attitudes and roles that lead to crimes against women.

The primary subject matter of this research project is to assess the level of awareness among school children about their rights, and to examine whether there is discrimination in access to rights among boys and girls. The rights shall include right to equality, right to life, right to safety, right to education, right to health, right to equal opportunities, and right to dignity. This project also aims to propose an appropriate plan of action to increase the awareness level and realization of these rights among school children.

The study will select 450 school children who are between 10 to 14 years of age from Delhi and NCR region, studying in Government, Private, and International schools.

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Faculty Members:

1. Prof. (Dr.) Kameswari Goda, Director (Research), Professor, Lloyd Law College

E-mail- kameshwari@lloydlawcollege.edu.in

2. Dr. Kavitha Chalakkal, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Assistant Director (Research)

E-mail- kavithachalakkal@lloydlawcollege.edu.in

3. Prerna Bhushan, Research Associate, Lloyd Law College

Email: prerna.bhushan@lloydlawcollege.edu.in