The importance of Legal Aid and Awareness Campaigns as a mechanism for social progress is something that has been repeatedly stressed upon by the Government of India. In the backdrop of Poverty and Inequality, legal Aid is an effective way towards attainment of the ideals of ‘Social, Economic and Political’ Justice that are enshrined in the preamble of our constitution and under the Directive Principles of State Policy. Imparting legal awareness is the first step towards ensuring prompt and effective access to justice. Keeping this in mind, the Bar Council of India mandated all law colleges and universities in India to establish and run legal aid centers or clinics. The idea was to fulfil certain standards of legal education, but more importantly, it was also aimed at engaging the students in serving their community by promoting legal awareness through these legal aid clinics and programmes.

The entire purpose of setting nationwide collegiate clinics is to acclimatize several thousand law students of the nation to the problems faced by the masses ignorant about their rights and remedies under the law. The aim is indeed a noble one but there difficulties which still need to be addressed. The Lloyd Law College Legal Aid Clinic is one successful beacon while there many more colleges and universities where such beacons need to be lighted, many thousands whose legal dilemmas need to be efficiently addressed.

The Lloyd Law College Legal Aid & Services Clinic is the body which inducts students to use their knowledge of law to provide free legal aid to those who are most in need of it through various media. The Legal Aid functions that it performs are preventive, remedial, activist and reformative.

Our aim is to spread legal awareness among students and people at large. we endeavours to achieve the target by organising legal literacy camps, Seminars, Legal Counselling, public Speaking, Poster Making, Street Plays, liasoning with Legal Services Authorities and thorough various other communicable mediums.

Press Release

By a prolonged efforts of Legal Aid & Services Clinic- Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, it finally became possible on 25th December 2017 to get released five of the prisoners, imprisoned in Gautam Budh Nagar District Jail. These prisoners were kept in jail because of lack of legal aid, shortage of complying the procedural requirements regarding documentation and failure to pay the fines imposed on them. The following prisoners were released

a. Vimlesh alias Chhoti Billi, S/O- Parsidh Khan- imprisoned under section 379 of IPC from 19-12-2014.

b. Chhotu, S/O- Jhilidas, imprisoned under Sections 4 & 25 of Arms Act from 03-07-2017.

c. Shahidul, S/O- Unknown imprisoned under sections 380, 511 IPC from 07-06-2016.

d. Dharmraj alias Bhuria S/O- Gariba imprisioned under sections 304 (1), 316 and 506 of IPC from 31-08-2012.

e. Sonu S/O- Lekhraj imprisoned under section 379 and 511 of IPC from 15-03-2017.

The released prisoners promised not to repeat the same and will now take care of their families. Jail Superintendent Mr. Vipin Mishra and jailor Mr.Satyaprakash have rendered a great support in this noble endeavour. Mr. Piyush Sharma, faculty Coordinator of Legal Aid Clinic and student members have arranged all the means to make it possible. Mr. Akhilesh kumar khan, Deputy Director of Lloyd Law College was also present.

He informed that in pursuance of the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 and the guidelines of the Bar Council of India, legal aid & services clinic is established in the college. The clinic is committed towards providing free legal aid to poors and marginalised sections of the society. The clinic has been immensely contributing towards its goal by organising various legal aid camps and other activities in and around Gautam Budh Nagar. He promised for similar efforts in future.