Mr. Ritabrata Roy, who is a former professor of Lloyd Law College is currently pursuing his PhD on the issue of honour crime at University of Sussex, Falmer, United Kingdom, wrote his dissertation on the topic which deals with the issue of honour killing, that later became premise of this book. The dissertation, submitted to School of Social Science at the University of Manchester, in the year 2015, deals with the issue of honour killing, particularly within the Indian and the Jordanian society. The central observations in this research are that these crimes are improperly attributed a particular religion (Islam) by the mainstream researchers on the issue. While the researchers are observant of the fact that these phenomena are indeed a harsh reality within the Islamic societies, however, such attribution is usually made without any in-depth analysis of the various socio-cultural, religious, political and legal identities that are commonly involved in the perpetration of these crimes.

The central deduction in this research is that religion is only one of the various intersectional identities which lead to the perpetration of the crimes. Therefore, it is improper to demonise any religion on the ground of such narrow interpretation. This research also makes an engaging comparative study of the legal structures of India and Jordan (with special reference to their international commitments under CEDAW) to determine the pattern in which cases of honour crimes are treated within the same.

Recently, Mr. Ritabrata Roy and Mr. Shahzeb Ahmed, final year student Lloyd Law College, collaborated to develop this research into a book. This book got recently published by Lambert Academic Publishing, a renowned publication house based in Germany and Mauritius.

Ms. Richa, who is a final year student of Lloyd Law College, wrote a book on very delicate and one of the least discussed topics i.e. Surrogacy. A comprehensive book that outlines and discusses the crucial topic of Surrogacy.

The science that supports surrogacy has made considerable strides over the decades even as the courts across the world have attempted to come to terms with the legal challenges that it throws up.

This book not only outlines the medical issues as well as legal encumbrances that accompany this process but also, in depth discussion of this delicate issue from a feminist angle and using the lens of human rights.

The book was Published by Mohan Law House. The same was foreworded by Hon’ble Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Minister of Women & Child development & Hon’ble Mr. Salman Khurshid, Advocate, Supreme Court of India.